Société Culinaire Philanthropique

The Société Culinaire Philanthropique is one of the oldest Associations of Chefs, Cooks, Pastry Chefs and other culinary field specialists in the United States. It was founded (on April 22, 1865) by a group of French Chefs; F. Lesourd, L. Ragot, F. Deliee, A. Wurth and Gustave Feraud. Today, the Societe has over 300 members which includes some of America’s most legendary chefs.

The Société’s mission is to provide a place for mutual aid, fraternity, and philanthropic associations while promoting French culture, International cuisine, and culinary lifestyle. In order to join, one must be trained in the French culinary arts. The Société works closely with the French consulate and attends events side by side with them. During the year, the Société plans events, including the yearly dinner dance held at different locations each year and the picnic fundraiser held at the Culinarians’ Home.

One of the Société’s main goals is to support its members, and their families, in times of crisis, both financial and health. Many of the current members are instructors at culinary institutions located in the city as well as out of state. The Société makes annual donations to various charities and schools to support and promote culinary excellence.

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