Meeting Minutes

Société Culinaire meeting minutes




Pascal Guillotin, Jacques Coustar, Yves Busnel, Jean Le Rouzic, Francis Richard, Jean- Claude Blazy, Henri Dubarry, Bernard Malet-Dupont, Marc Bauer, Marc Sarrazin, Marc Ehrler, Angel Sanay, Jean F. Claude, Gérard Vidal, Susan Lifrieri-Lowry, Dominic Cerrone, Cynthia Keller, Anthony Arbeeny, Louise Hoffman, Kate Wayler, Thalia Pericles, Pierre Baran, Thom Smyth, Joanne Lewin- Jacus, Pascal Goupil, André Moisan, Jean Géraud, Michael Latour, Hervé Riou, Michael Colon 


Thomas Santamaria
Dominique Payraudeau
Steven Vangelder
Jean-Louis Dumonet

President Pascal Guillotin opened the meeting at 3:01 pm 

  • Pension: The April pension payment was disbursed on April 1st to 157 pensioned members.
  • Death Benefits: Nothing to report.
  • Sickness Benefits: Nothing to report.
  • Culinarian Home Foundation: Jean Le Rouzic said he spoke to Terry Newman on Wednesday, March 31st and everyone was doing fine at the Home. Terry said they still cannot get visits like they want to, but hoping in the future that will return to a more normal visitation schedule. The morale was better, all was vaccinated, except one staff member because she is pregnant. Jean then spoke about purchasing a whole house generator. He said if we purchase the generator through an electrician we may not get the appropriate warranties. If we purchase the generator ourselves, the warranties come with it.
  • Dinner Dance: It was the decision to cancel the Dinner Dance until 2022.
  • Picnic: It was the decision of the Trustees and Officers to cancel this year’s Picnic of September 12th. Emails to all members were sent on Wednesday, March 24th notifying them of this. Emails to picnic participants who are non-members were also sent on Wednesday, March 24th. President Pascal also noted that the picnic notice was also posted on the SCP website.
  • Newsletter: Louise Hoffman reported that moving forward for the June issue, she thinks we have a full issue. Louise sent to the office and Susan the articles/recipe already contributed for the current newsletter. Looking for mid-April edits and everything is on schedule.
  • Report of the Chapters
    –  NJ Chapter: Michael Latour said there is not much to report, tables are still 6’ apart. They see a little bit of action on the weekends. When he can schedule a meeting, it will be at the Joe Jefferson Club, right now he’s in a wait and see mode.
    –  LI Chapter: Nothing to report.
    –  Florida Chapter: Francis Richard reported that he is scheduling a chapter meeting/noon luncheon on Wednesday, May 19th at Vincent’s Bistro in Lake Worth, FL. Francis Richard also noted that all the restaurants are open in Florida.
    –  Mid-Hudson Chapter: Cynthia Keller reported that nothing is officially planned at the moment. Possibly a mid-June meeting at her home, which will be held outdoors. Cynthia is waiting to see if NY State restrictions are lifted by June. Cynthia also spoke about the CIA’s 75th Anniversary.
  • Report by the Committee of French Speaking Societies: A check in the amount of $100 for the cotisation was sent on Wednesday, March 24th. Henri Dubarry attended the last meeting and said there were very few people and it was nothing special.
  • Office:
    –  One hundred and ten members have paid their dues. Nine members still owe their dues, email reminders were sent several times. President Pascal said the names will be announced at the next Trustees Meeting, it is the same culprits. The membership dues were due at the end of December.
    –  Updating the Yearbook. Have received changes back from the designer. –  The Proof of Life Certificates were mailed to 118 pensioned members. Ninety-three members have sent in their Certificates.
    –  In the process of renewing the insurance policies for all three entities.
    –  Real estate appraisal for the properties at the Home was completed on March 18th. Received the final reports on March 31st.
    –  Real estate appraisal for the office will be performed on Thursday, April 8th at 11:00 am. The appraisals are needed for IRS purposes for the tax returns.
    Kitchen Pantry Renovation:
    One contractor came to the office on Wednesday, February 24th to take a look at the pantry. Measurements were taken. He has provided an estimate. Too expensive, not utilizing him.
    A second contractor came to the office on Wednesday, March 3rd, he also took measurements. He has provided an estimate.
    A third contractor came to the office on Wednesday, March 24th, estimate received.
  • Report of the Cemeteries: Nothing to report.
  • Report by Archivist: Nothing to report.
  • Report of the Jules Weber Foundation: Nothing to report.
  • Condominium: Nothing to report.
  • Miscellaneous:
    –  Subscription renewal to Les Cuisiniers De France received. Cost is 70 euros. Henri Dubarry will pay the invoice and be reimbursed by the office.
    –  The office was closed on Friday, April 2nd in observance of Good Friday.
  • Special Activities and Outings: Nothing to report.
  • Members Discussion:
    –  Jacques Coustar – He got the second shot. All okay. Happy Easter to everyone, have a good time.
    –  Yves Busnel – All is okay, I’m still here! Happy Easter.
    –  Jean Le Rouzic – Happy Easter and Happy Holiday. Waiting for Spring, the flowers are coming out.
    –  Jean-Claude Blazy – Had technical difficulties. Wishes all a Happy Holiday.
    –  Francis Richard – It’s beautiful weather in Florida. Thank you for the pension. By Mother’s Day, it’s quiet. Wishes everyone a Happy Holiday and Happy Easter. My best wishes to everybody.
    –  André Moisan – Had technical difficulties. Happy Easter and Happy Passover to all.
    –  Henri Dubarry – Happy Easter and Happy Holiday to all.
    –  Bernard Malet-Dupont – He feels the pain of everybody. Wishes a very Happy Easter, Happy Passover and God Bless you all.
    –  Marc Bauer – He got a new job thanks to Marc Ehrler. He’s working at a school. His wife went back to work, Marc gets to spend a lot more time with his son.
    –  Marc Sarrazin – It’s nice to see everyone’s face. Family is doing well, everyone is vaccinated. Feeling safe. On the business front, he’s optimistic, restaurants are opening more. Having students on campus is awesome. Everyone deserves commendation. Happy Easter and Happy Holidays to all.
    –  Marc Ehrler – Hello, thank you for everything. I’m almost an SCP member for forty years, great to see the evolution! I’ve been traveling, hotels and restaurants are coming back, that brings different stresses. I’m glad I was able to help Marc Bauer. Stay safe everyone.
    –  Angel Sanay – Happy to see all of you. His club is still closed since December. It might open in April. He’s hoping to get back to work soon. Have a nice Easter.
    –  Jean F. Claude – He has some sad news, he’s returning to New York City in September. He is going to move forward and get the kids back to the classroom. Asked Francis Richard to send him the invite to FL Chapter Meeting and Luncheon on May 19th.
    –  Gérard Vidal – Everything is fine. Happy Easter and Happy Holidays to all. Jacques, let’s go fishing!
    –  Susan Lifrieri-Lowry – She’s on spring break. A friend sent her a picture of the Dinner Dance when she received the gold medal. Those memories keep her going. Happy Holidays, spring is here, feeling hopeful.
    –  Dominic Cerrone – He’s working hard to keep students in classroom. He’s grateful to be at the CIA and the SCP. Have a new family of foxes in my backyard. Hopeful for spring. Happy Holidays.
    –  Cynthia Keller – Michel and I are healthy and looking forward to fishing. Cynthia celebrates Greek Orthodox Easter, Happy Holidays to all.
    –  Louise Hoffman – Great to see everyone, doing well in Brooklyn. Enjoying a little bit of retirement.
    –  Kate Wayler – Happy Easter, Passover and Spring! I want to thank the Trustees for my pension, I’m happy to have that benefit. The culinary program at Kingsborough is a hybrid program and doing well.
    –  Thalia Pericles – It’s good to see everyone here. My husband, Daniel, has been home the past year, but found a new job through the emails the office circulates. We’ve bought a house and are now living in NJ. Happy Holidays everyone.
    –  Pierre Baran – Great to see all of you. I got my second shot of vaccine. Maybe in September or October I’ll come for a visit. Thank you for the pension check. Have a wonderful Easter.
    –  Thom Smyth – I’m in New Hope, PA. I wanted to leave for Italy in two weeks, but that’s not going to happen. I’m vaccinated. I saw my mom in Los Angeles. All good. Happy Holidays. Thank you to Marc Sarrazin, you have amazing lamb and pork.
    –  Joanne Lewin-Jacus – Happy April Fool’s Day! My niece just had another baby. Hoping to teach in person in the fall.
    –  Pascal Goupil – We never closed. All is good. Happy Holidays.
    –  Jean Géraud – Hello to everyone, nice to see you. Happy Easter to all.
    –  Michael Latour – I’m optimistic and motivated. He keeps going, every day is a little closer to normalcy. He has two kids in college. So many people are in dire straits. It’s still difficult even with the PPE. Happy Holidays.
    –  Hervé Riou – I’m working again for the next several months. I got my first vaccine, all is fine. Happy Easter to all of you. The Société Culinaire Philanthropique is such a fine organization.
    –  Mike Colon – I’m working steadily, teaching remotely. It’s a challenge keeping kids interested. Fully vaccinated. Things are well. We bought a house in the northwestern part of the Catskills. Happy Passover and Happy Easter. Feeling grateful.
    –  Pascal Guillotin – Getting my first vaccination on Sunday. All is well. Stay safe everyone. Happy Easter and Happy Holidays.

Mr. Guillotin asked if anyone had any comments. Meeting was adjourned at 3:58pm.

The next Officers’ Zoom Meeting will be held on

Thursday, May 6th at 3:00pm.