Meeting Minutes

Société Culinaire meeting minutes



Attendees: Pascal Guillotin, Jean LeRouzic, Bernard Launay, Jacques Coustar, Jean F. Claude, Maurice Pailleret, Joseph Boljonis, Dominique Payraudeau, Yves Busnel, Maurice Bonté, Joanne Lewin-Jacus, Kate Wayler, Susan Lifrieri-Lowry, Gérard Vidal, Michael Latour, Steven Van-Gelder, Angel Sanay, Steve Walljasper, Pascal Petiteau

  • Pension: – The October pension payment will be disbursed on October 5th to 155 retired members.
  • Death Benefits:
    – The Trustees approved the death benefits of Fernand Pouchard, member of the Société for 57 years at the September 17th Trustees’ meeting. The checks were sent to Mrs. Louisette Pouchard on Monday, September 21st.
    – The office received an email from Mrs. Le Léannec written from Richard L. Le Léannec’s email requesting the death benefits of her husband, Roger Le Léannec, member of the Société for 53 years. The office needs to confirm if Mrs. Le Léannec is still alive.
  • Sickness Benefits: Nothing to report.
  • Culinarian Home Foundation:
    – Jean Le Rouzic spoke of the $250.00 donation check received from Mr. Henri Delitieure’s son-in-law. He also discussed the maintenance contract for the ponds at the Home, he is getting an estimate. Michelle and Jean are going to make a trip to New Paltz in early October with Jean-Claude and Claudie Blazy.
  • Events:
    – The final of Le Best Chef Competition Trophée du Président Jean-Jacques Dietrich was held on Sunday, September 27th at Well & by Durst located at 151 West 42nd Street, New York, NY. Henri Dubarry, Yves Busnel, and Pascal Guillotin attended. Pascal Guillotin said the decision was made very quickly to hold the competition, it had to be completed by the end of September because of the French government. There were four candidates, a young lady won the competition and will be sent to France next year. Sebastién Baud thanked the Société Culinaire Philanthropique for our assistance with the competition.
  • Dinner Dance:
    – Will be rescheduled to a new date in 2021 at The Yale Club of New York located at 50 Vanderbilt Avenue. Alain Quirin was unable to be present at the meeting. Pascal Guillotin said there is no news, taking it day by day.
  • Picnic:
    – This year’s picnic was cancelled due to the pandemic. – We look forward to the picnic of 2021 which will hopefully be held on September 12th.
  • Newsletter:
    – Louise Hoffman was unable to be in attendance. Pascal Guillotin thanked all the writers of the previous newsletter, great job. If anyone has any articles of interest or food articles, please send them to Louise and the office for the next newsletter.
  • Report of the Chapters:
    – Florida Chapter: Will hold a meeting followed by lunch on Wednesday, October 7th at Vincent’s Bistro located in Lake Worth, FL.
    – Mid-Hudson: Cynthia Keller is planning a Zoom Meeting on Sunday, November 22nd at 3:00pm. The theme of the meeting will be St. Hubert, Patron Saint of the Hunter.
    – NJ Chapter: Michael Latour is waiting for the State of NJ and the Governor to allow gatherings. Michael said he’s hoping for capacity to go to 50% in the near future. He will then be able to schedule a NJ chapter meeting, hopefully at the Joe Jefferson Club.
    – LI Chapter: Nothing to report.
  • Report by the Committee of French Speaking Societies:
    – The former Consular has left and she went to Kuwait. Pascal Guillotin said he briefly met the new Consular at the Le Best Chef food competition.
  • Office:
    – The website is finished and up and running. We hope you enjoy it.
    – 990’s are near completion and researching software for the 1099’s.
    – The PKF audit is coming to a conclusion.
  • Donations:
    – The office received a $250.00 check from the Klein Family Fund payable to the Culinarians’ Home Foundation In Honor of Henri Deltieure.
  • Report of the Cemeteries Committee: Nothing to report.
  • Report by Archivist: Nothing to report.
  • Report of the Jules Weber Foundation:
    – To date, 111 checks have been cashed and 53 members have sent some form of appreciation either by mail, email or phone call.
  • Condominium: Nothing to report.
  • Special Activities and Outings: Nothing to report.
  • Members’ Discussion:
    – Maurice Bonté inquired about the variety of food at the Chef competition. President Pascal answered. Main course was chicken & dessert was a chocolate dish. Maurice Pailleret inquired how long the candidates were allowed to prepare their dish? Pascal replied 5 hours. Maurice Pailleret asked how many judges? Pascal said 3 judges for main dish; 3 for dessert.
    – Steve Walljasper had inquiry concerning the 2021 Picnic. It’s still too soon to tell.
    – Pascal Petiteau said indoor dining started Wednesday, September 30th at 25%, but everyone still wants to eat outside.
    – Susan Lifrieri-Lowry inquiried about the 2021 Dinner Dance. She doesn’t believe it will happen. The 2021 Picnic has concerns. Will be different. Again, too soon to tell.
    – Jacques Coustar spoke of his call with Francis Lorenzini. Mr. Lorenzini didn’t make the annual picnic this year but hopes to in 2021. Jacques spoke with Mrs. Deltieure who was very happy to receive the recent newsletter. She’s doing well. Sends her best regards to the Société.
    – Angel Sanay was happy to report that he returned to work on Wednesday, September 30th.

The next Officers’ Zoom Meeting will be held on

Thursday, November 5th at 3:00pm.