Meeting Minutes

Société Culinaire meeting minutes



Pascal Guillotin, Henri Dubarry, Maurice Pailleret, Thomas Santamaria,  Maurice Bonté, Angel Sanay, Jean F. Claude, Dominique Payraudeau, Yves Busnel, Jacques Coustar, Jean-Claude Blazy, Gérard Vidal, André Moisan, Louise Hoffman, Jean Géraud

Jean Le Rouzic
Susan Lifrieri-Lowry

President Pascal Guillotin opened the meeting at 3:00pm

  • Pension: Nothing to report.
  • Death Benefits:  Nothing to report.
  • Sickness Benefits:  Nothing to report.
  • Culinarian Home Foundation: Terry Newman reported in Jean Le Rouzic’s absence.  On January 25th, nine out of nine residents received the first COVID vaccination; eleven out of thirteen staff members received the vaccination.  The next vaccination will be administered on February 15th.  Terry said they are down three residents, they currently have nine residents at the Home. They are looking for new residents, but that is difficult to do.  The new resident will have to be COVID tested, if accepted, they will have to quarantine for 14 days in their room. 
  • Dinner Dance:  It was the decision to postpone the Dinner Dance to be held in April.
  • Picnic:   A discussion was held regarding the picnic.  Jean F. Claude said it is best to postpone or cancel the Picnic.  Maurice Pailleret said we should wait until March or April to make a decision.  President Pascal said the main goal is to protect the people living at the Home.  It doesn’t look promising.  Terry Newman was asked his thoughts and he said they want a party, but he doesn’t know.  The Home is being treated like a nursing home.  It’s hard to say, there are many rules and regulations to follow.  He doesn’t see things getting normal until the end of the year.
  • Newsletter: Louise Hoffman said the next issue will begin to be built.  A deadline date will be figured out, perhaps combine a spring and summer issue?  She will reach out to members for articles and recipes.  
  • Report of the Chapters:
    – NJ Chapter:  Michael Latour is waiting to see when he can hold a chapter meeting. 
    – LI Chapter:  Nothing to report.
    – Florida Chapter:  The next scheduled meeting will be in May, date to be determined.
    – Mid-Hudson Chapter: Nothing to report.
  • Report by the Committee of French Speaking Societies:  Henri Dubarry said there is nothing to report.  He wasn’t aware there was a meeting.
  • Office:
    – The Membership dues were e-mailed to 119 active members on Monday, November 2nd.  One hundred and five members have paid their dues. President Pascal said there are 14 members who have not paid their dues, it’s the usual culprits. The office reached out to them with reminders on January 19th.
    – Updating the Yearbook.
    – The Proof of Life Certificates were mailed to 118 pensioned members. Eighty-five members have sent in their Certificates.
    – Working  on the 6 month audit with PKF and Spence Waters.
    – All accounts have been reconciled.
  • Report of the Cemeteries: Nothing to report.
  • Report by Archivist:  Nothing to report.  
  • Report of the Jules Weber Foundation:  Eric Gouteyron, the member located in Indonesia, received the $1,000 funds by wire transfer on Wednesday, January 27th.   He has sent an email thanking the President and Trustees for the arrangement of the transfer, he said it was very much appreciated.
  • Condominium:
    – There is damage in the pantry. There was a discussion held regarding renovating the pantry.  The Société has been in the Condo eighteen years and it is time to update.  Estimates will be looked into.
    – The Annual Condo Meeting will be held on Wednesday, March 10th at 8:30 am via Microsoft Teams Meeting.  Diane will attend.
  • Special Activites and Outings: Nothing to report. 
  • Miscellaneous:
    – The $250 check to Entraide Française was cancelled, it remained uncashed since June 27th.
    – The office will be closed on Monday, February 15th in observance of President’s Day.

Mr. Guillotin asked if anyone had any comments.

Meeting was adjourned at 3:37pm

The next Officers’ Zoom Meeting will be held on

Thursday, March 4th at 3:00pm.