Meeting Minutes

Société Culinaire meeting minutes




Pascal Guillotin, Jacques Coustar, Gerard Drouet, Maurice Pailleret, Yves Busnel, Jean Le Rouzic, Jean-Claude Blazy, Henri Dubarry, Bernard Malet-Dupont, Marc Sarrazin, Jean F. Claude, Gérard Vidal, Susan Lifrieri-Lowry, Louise Hoffman, Arno Schmidt, Pierre Baran, Dominique Payraudeau, Pascal Petiteau, Sebastien Baud, Luc Holie, Thom Smyth, Joanne Lewin-Jacus, André Moisan, Joseph Boljonis, Steve Walljasper, Hervé Riou



Steven Van Gelder
Cynthia Keller
Michel Keller
Maurice Bonté
Jean-Louis Gérin

President Pascal Guillotin opened the meeting at 3:07 pm

Pension: Nothing to report.

Death Benefits:  Nothing to report.

Sickness Benefits:  Nothing to report.

Vote on Potential New Members:
Vincent Caro.  Vincent’s sponsors are Pascal Petiteau and Luc Holié. He is a resident of East Elmhurst, NY and is the Owner of Bistro Eloise, located in East Elmhurst, NY. President Pascal spoke about Vincent Caro, he said that he personally interviewed him.  He’s a good guy. Pascal Petiteau, one of Vincent’s sponsors, was at the SCP office and could say a few words about him.  They ate at his restaurant.  He would be a good addition to the Société.  A vote was taken, everyone present raised their hands and Vincent Caro was unanimously voted in as a new member of the Société. 

Guy-Rene Gérin. Guy-Rene’s sponsor’s are Jean-Louis Dumonet and Jean-Jacques Bernat. He is a resident of Queens, NY and is currently the Chef de Cuisine at the Permanent French Mission to the United Nations. Guy-Rene is the son of Jean-Louis Gérin.  He was one of the participants in the Jean-Jacques Dietrich chefs competition.  He would make a good addition to the SCP.  A vote was taken, everyone present raised their hands to unanimously accept Guy as a new member of the Société.

Remi Lorgoulloux. Remi’s sponsors are Pascal Petiteau and Pierre Landet. He is a resident of New York, NY and is currently the Prep Manager at the St. Tropez Wine Bar located in New York City.  Remi was interviewed two years ago, but it was decided to wait on him because he had just arrived to New York City.  He’s doing well, working steadily and he was voted unanimously as a new member of the Société.

Culinarian Home Foundation: Jean Le Rouzic said good afternoon to all.  On May 24 through the 26 he, along with Jean Claude and Claudie Blazy and Michel Keller took  a trip to the Home.  They planted eight trees and transplanted two trees.  The handyman helped them dig the holes. They left just before the big storm hit.  The house lost power for about six hours, it knocked down the electric meter from the garage. Terry called the insurance company and an electrician, waiting for an estimate.  All the residents remain in good health. 

Dinner Dance:  The Dinner Dance has been postponed until 2022.

Picnic:  Hoping the Picnic will be on schedule for September 11,2022.

Newsletter: The Newsletter was emailed to all members on June 1st and is at the printer in production.  Louise Hoffman reported that we had a learning curve with the printer, we either have to make the newsletter larger or keep it down.  We already have an article for the next newsletter from Bernard Malet-Dupont.  

Report of the Chapters:
– Mid-Hudson Chapter: Cynthia Keller is hosting a small outdoor meeting on Sunday, June 13th at her home in Rhinebeck, NY.  It would be limited to 25 people, based on current NY State guidelines. A light lunch would follow the meeting. President Pascal reiterated what he spoke about at the last meeting, any member is invited to attend a chapter meeting, just let Cynthia or the office know.  The chapter members do have first dibs on attending the meeting since there is a limited number of people allowed.

– NJ Chapter:  Michael Latour is hosting a NJ chapter meeting on Monday, June 28th at 3:00 pm at Restaurant Latour located in Ridgewood, NJ.  The meeting has limited space up to 25 people. Email invitation was sent on Tuesday, June 1st to NJ chapter members, trustees and officers.  Maurice Pailleret asked President Pascal if he was planning on attending the meeting.  Pascal answered it’s a work day, my boss is in the office, I don’t know it’s very difficult for me to get off. Maurice said that the chef who is preparing the tasting menu may be a potential new member.

– LI Chapter:  Nothing to report. 

– Florida Chapter:  Maurice Pailleret reported that the meeting was very good, 13 members and 7 guests attended.  Meeting was about 35 – 40 minutes long.  Some people traveled more than two hours to attend.

Report by the Committee of French Speaking Societies:  Henri Dubarry reported that was a meeting last week, Gerard Epelbaum is happy to be elected.

One hundred and eighteen members have paid their dues.  One member never paid, Laszlo Bollok.  The office called and left several messages and so did Maurice Pailleret.  He will be sent an expulsion letter.

– Updating the Yearbook. Edits and changes have both been sent and received from the printer.  Last entry for the Yearbook will be after today’s Quarterly Meeting of June 3, 2021.

– The Proof of Life Certificates were mailed to 118 pensioned members. One hundred and nine members have sent in their Certificates. Reminder emails and phone calls were sent to the remaining members who have yet to send their certificates.

– Preparing for the half-year audit which will take place the end of July.

– Preparing for the Workers’ Comp/Payroll audit which will be conducted sometime in June.

Kitchen Pantry Renovation: After the May 20th Trustees Meeting, four trustees met in the office (Henri Dubarry, Jean LeRouzic, Yves Busnel, and Pascal Guillotin) and discussed the 4 proposals.  It was decided to hire Nadil Gajeloshi.  All necessary insurance paperwork was sent to building management; it was approved by Javier Solis, Building Manager.  Deposit was sent on Thursday, May 27th.  President Pascal spoke about the pantry renovation, it has been about twenty years with nothing updated.  When everyone does come back to the office for meetings, you will see a nice new pantry, nice buffet table, and a dishwasher too!

Report of the Cemeteries:  President Pascal spoke about the inability to put flowers on the graves for Memorial Day this year.  The two members couldn’t do it this year.  Pascal is asking for volunteers for Greenwood Cemetery, it is once a year to lay the blanket of flowers.  If you can help out, please let the office know.

Report by Archivist:  Nothing to report.  

Report of the Jules Weber Foundation:  Nothing to report.

Condominium:  Nothing to report.

Special Activities and Outings:  Greenwood Cemetery Tour – The trolley tours are suspended until further notice (hoping to start up in the fall).  Angel Sanay will keep us posted.

Mr. Guillotin asked if anyone had any comments.

Meeting was adjourned at 4:05pm

The next Officers’ Zoom Meeting will be held on

Thursday, September 2nd at 3:00pm.