Meeting Minutes

Société Culinaire meeting minutes



Attendees: Pascal Guillotin, Henri Dubarry, Bernard Malet-Dupont, Thomas Santamaria, Jean Le Rouzic, Jean Géraud, Gérard Drouet, Angel Sanay, Jean F. Claude, Maurice Pailleret, Dominique Payraudeau, Yves Busnel, Joanne Lewin-Jacus, Jacques Coustar, Susan Lifrieri-Lowry, Gérard Vidal, André Moisan, André Soltner, Louise Hoffman, Thom Smyth, Nduvoakim Abdus-Salaam

Maurice Bonté
Kate Wayler
Cynthia Keller
Michel Keller

President Pascal Guillotin opened the meeting at 3:02pm

    • Pension: Nothing to report.
    • Death Benefits:  Nothing to report.
    • Sickness Benefits:  Nothing to report.
    • Culinarian Home Foundation: Jean Le Rouzic said all is well.  He is planning a trip to the Home next week to give out the bonuses to the staff.  Everyone at the Home is waiting for the vaccine, they will be one of the first ones to receive it.  Terry is very stressed, thank God he has Kathleen working with him. President Pascal said to tell Terry he continues to do a good job. Jean said the rules are constantly changing, day by day.
    • Dinner Dance:  It was the decision to postpone the Dinner Dance until a later, safer date.
    • Picnic:  We are hopeful the picnic can be held on September 12, 2021.  The decision if the Picnic can be held will be made at a later date. Pascal said we want to stay optimistic, but the Home is a retirement home, a different set of rules apply.  We will keep it on the table to be discussed in the New Year.
    • Newsletter: Louise Hoffman reported that the newsletter had nice contributions, it’s not as big as the last newsletter.   
    • Report of the Chapters:
      – Mid-Hudson: Cynthia Keller held a Zoom Meeting on Sunday, November 22nd at 3:00pm.  Seven members attended.  President Pascal said the turn out was a little disappointing.  He was glad the New York City people attended. It was a nice meeting, the theme was hunting, St. Hubert.
      – NJ Chapter: Michael Latour is waiting for the State of NJ and the Governor to allow gatherings large enough to accommodate a chapter meeting.
      – LI Chapter:  Nothing to report.
      – Florida Chapter:  It was the decision of the Committee to postpone the annual dinner held in January 2021 until January of 2022 out of the concern for the members’ safety and health.  The next scheduled meeting will be May of 2021.
    • Report by the Committee of French Speaking Societies: There was a meeting this past week, Henri was not informed about it so he did not attend.
    • Office:
      – The Membership dues were e-mailed to 120 active members on Monday, November 2nd.  Fifty members have paid their dues so far. We are ahead of schedule in payments this year from last year.
      1099’s will be mailed the first week of January.
      – Updating the Yearbook.
      – The Proof of Life Forms have been mailed to 118 pensioned members. Pascal Guillotin said the forms will be sent every two years.
      – Christmas cards are in the process of being mailed.
    • Report of the Cemeteries:  Nothing to report.
    • Report by Archivist:  Nothing to report.  
    • Report of the Jules Weber Foundation:
      – To date, 119 checks have been cashed and 62 members have sent notes of appreciation. Two more checks remain uncashed; one member has received the check, and the other member is in Indonesia and the mail takes a minimum of 6 weeks to reach him.
    • Condominium:  With the heavy rains on Monday, November 30th, the windows and ceiling in the main office were leaking.  Diane called the front desk and Alberto came up to look.  This is the same recurring problem that has not been fixed since before the pandemic.  The office sent Javier Solis an email informing him of the recurring problem, and that we have been more than patient but we want this repaired immediately. The repair work will be done on Friday, December 4th.
    • Special Activities and Outings:  Nothing to report. 

Members’ Discussion:
– Thomas Santamaria – He spoke with Peter Mosconi, he’s doing okay but needs knee replacement surgery in the future.  His business is doing takeout and all is okay.
– Yves Busnel – All good.
– Jacques Coustar – Everything is okay. He spoke with Henri Alamandy, Franz Weilander and Jean-Pierre Stoehr and they all say hello. Jacques thanked the office for their help with the Société.
– Jean F. Claude – Everything is well.  Incredibly cold in Florida, it was 55 degrees in the house, had to put the heat on!
– Maurice Pailleret – He will be driving to Florida in 25 days and joining Jean Claude. He reminded everyone that Renee Sarrazin is turning 90.
– Jean Le Rouzic – He wished everyone Happy Holidays during this difficult time.  Otherwise, everything is fine.
– Dominique Payraudeau – He had a nice Thanksgiving. He’s still working three days a week at his cousin’s bakery. He received good news from France. His Dad is 93 and his Mom is 88. Merry Christmas and happy to see you at the next zoom meeting.
– Angel Sanay – Wished everyone a good afternoon. Everything is okay. Business is operating day by day, working 6 hours. Hope they don’t close. People are nervous about coming for parties. Wishes all a Good Christmas and Healthy New Year.
– Gérard Vidal – All is fine, can’t complain. Wishes everyone Happy Holidays. Hope to see you soon at the office.
– Jean Géraud – Happy to see everyone. Wishes everyone a Happy Holiday and healthy New Year.
– Susan Lifrieri-Lowry – Thanksgiving was spent with parents and sister and her husband.  Otherwise, there are two weeks left in the school semester.  She doesn’t know if they are going back to school next semester. Happy Holidays and New Year to all.
– Louise Hoffman – Good to see everyone.  Been keeping busy. Thanksgiving was very small.  She gets out a lot for fresh air.  Went to Union Square on Wednesday at Noon and it was empty.  Wished all a Good Holiday.
– Joanne Lewin-Jacus – Thanksgiving was different this year. They didn’t travel, their family came to them.  Wished all a Happy Healthy Holiday. This pandemic is not good for mental health.
– André Soltner – He’s back in Virginia.  He stayed two days in Hunter.  Everything is okay, he’s okay.  Happy to see you all.
– Gérard Drouet – The weather is nice and cool. They had a nice Thanksgiving, shared a bottle of wine. Wishes everyone a nice Holiday or Christmas and hope to see you next year.
– Thom Smyth – Always wanted to have evening meetings so he could have a glass of wine. In Puglia things are good, we are Orange Zone, but we should be Yellow Zone. I’m returning to New York. Traveling through Switzerland. In our village you are only allowed out to go shopping and for doctor appointments. Great to see you guys and hope to see you in 2021.
– Nduvoakim Abdus-Salaam – Thanksgiving was spent at a friends house. Family is well, my daughter is crawling now. He had to dissolve one of his businesses. Business is quite slow since the election. He thinks it’s more because of the fluctuating color zones than the COVID spike. He’s keeping his resources tight. He’s in better shape than most people.
– Bernard Malet-Dupont – He ate deep fried turkey for the first time on Thanksgiving. He wishes everyone a Happy Holiday, Merry Christmas, Happy New Year, and Happy Chanukah!
– Henri Dubarry – Happy Holidays and Happy New Year to all.
– Pascal Guillotin – I had pork chops for Thanksgiving Dinner. My girls were together in Kingston, they take after me, made a turkey dinner with all the sides. I wish a Happy Holidays to all. Stay healthy and Happy New Year to all of you.

Mr. Guillotin asked if anyone had any comments.

Meeting was adjourned at 3:45pm.

The next Quarterly Zoom Meeting will be held on

Thursday, January 7th at 3:00pm.