Meeting Minutes

Société Culinaire meeting minutes




Pascal Guillotin, Henri Dubarry, Bernard Malet-Dupont, Angel Sanay, Maurice Bonté, Jean F. Claude, Francis Richard, Joseph Boljonis, Dominique Payraudeau, Yves Busnel, Joanne Lewin-Jacus, Jacques Coustar, Susan Lifrieri-Lowry, Gérard Vidal, André Moisan, Steven Van Gelder, Louise Hoffman, Marc Bauer, Pascal Petiteau, Dominic Cerrone, Marc Sarrazin, Anthony Arbeeny, Marc Ehrler, Pierre Baran, Thom Smyth, Jean-Louis Gérin, Nduvoakim Abdus-Salaam

  • Pension: Nothing to report.
  • Death Benefits:  Nothing to report.
  • Sickness Benefits:  Nothing to report.
  • PKF O’Connor Davies:  A Zoom Meeting was held with Tom Sorrentino, Katie Mills, and Matt Levy of PKF on Thursday, October 22nd regarding  the draft financial statements. In attendance was Pascal Guillotin, Spence Waters, and the office staff.  Katie Mills and Tom Sorrentino gave a brief overview presentation regarding the year ended June 30, 2020 Financial Statements. At the end of the presentation the decision was made to issue the final Financial Statements for year ended June 30, 2020.
  • Culinarian Home Foundation: Jean Le Rouzic was unable to report.
  • Dinner Dance:  We have to wait and see if the dinner dance can go forward and be rescheduled to a new date in 2021 at The Yale Club. Pascal Guillotin said he wants to be optimistic, time will tell.
  • Picnic:  We are hopeful the picnic can be held on September 12, 2021 and look forward to this annual event where we can all gather together. President Pascal said it’s the same thing for the picnic, it’s ten months away, we have to wait and see.  Terry Newman and his staff did a great job with the residents at the Home, not one resident became sick.  We don’t want to jeopardize that.
  • Newsletter: Louise Hoffman reported that she has reached out to a couple of people to write articles.  The deadline will be the end of November for a January launch.  Anyone interested in contributing food articles,  how they are coping with their restaurant and COVID-19 please email her.
  • Report of the Chapters:
    – Mid-Hudson: Cynthia Keller is planning a Zoom Meeting on Sunday,    November 22nd at 3:00pm.  The theme of the meeting will be St. Hubert, Patron Saint of the Hunter.  President Pascal encouraged all members to join the meeting since it will be a Zoom Meeting and take place on a Sunday.
    – NJ Chapter:  Michael Latour is waiting for the State of NJ and the Governor to allow gatherings.  He will then be able to schedule a NJ chapter meeting.
    – LI Chapter:  Nothing to report.
    – Florida Chapter:  Mr. Francis Richard spoke about the October 7th meeting and luncheon.  He said it was very good.  He then said the next meeting will be planned for May of 2021.  They are looking for new members.  Mr. Richard also announced the decision of the Committee to postpone the annual dinner to be held this January 2021 until January of 2022 out of the concern for the members’ safety and health. 
  • Report by the Committee of French Speaking Societies:  Nothing to report.
  • Office:
    – The Membership dues were e-mailed to 123 active members on  Monday, November 2ndSeven members have paid their dues.
    – Compiling Information for the 1099’s and researching the software to be used.
    – Reconciled bank statements for all three entities.
    – The PKF audit is completed.
    – The Oxford Healthcare annual renewal audit is completed and approved.
  • Report of the Cemeteries Committee:  Nothing to report.
  • Report by Archivist:  Nothing to report.
  • Report of the Jules Weber Foundation:
    To date, 118 checks have been cashed and 61 members have sent some form of appreciation either by mail, e-mail or phone call.
  • Condominium:  Nothing to report.
  • Special Activities and Outings:  Nothing to report.
  • Members’ Discussion:
    – André Moisan – Nothing new, all is well.
    – Maurice Bonté – All good.
    – Jacques Coustar – Not much to say, thanked the President for good job.
    – Dominique Payraudeau – He’s happy, everything okay. He’s working three days a week at his cousin’s bakery in Tenafly, NJ.
    – Susan Lifrieri-Lowry – Teaching remotely, staying upstate.  Misses baking.  Misses seeing everyone.
    – Louise Hoffman – Things are good, teaching one class on-line.  Like Susan, is craving to bake.
    – Marc Bauer – Went back to work in July. The school will be closing December 23rd. They will be selling off their equipment on line; he will let the SCP know.  He will be looking for a job.
    – Dominic Cerrone – He’s back at the CIA.  Teaching in the classroom, really no social distancing in the classrooms.
    – Marc Sarrazin – He’s still in business and still open. He’s working remotely and has learned much new technology.  Wishes everyone all the best.  Can’t believe his father is gone 25 years.  His father loved the SCP and his mom will be 90.  Wishes everyone all the best.
    – Joseph Boljonis – All quiet. Still able to cook and drink outside.
    – Anthony Arbeeny – He’s at the River Club, it’s slowly opening.  If someone gets sick, the other members get very nervous.  He’s doing well.
    – Jean F. Claude – All good in Florida, beautiful sunshine.
    – Steven Van Gelder – Had audio problems – sent message and said hello to all.
    – Marc Ehrler – He’s re-opening hotels and restaurants by January and February. Restaurants are picking up slowly. Really sad to see.  Great to see everyone. Spoke of his memories of Marc Sarrazin, Sr.
    – Pierre Baran – It is sunny every day. The mountains and Pacific Ocean are close by. A lot of people eat outside. It’s a nice, easy life.
    – Yves Busnel – Everything is okay.
    – Thom Smyth – A new 1 month lockdown started, you have to stay in the village where you live. Thom is contemplating coming back to the States early.
    – Pascal Petiteau – Business is doing okay, so far so good. People are not eating inside.
    – Jean-Louis Gerin – Moved to South Carolina, sold his restaurant a few years ago.  Eventually he will move to Florida.
    – Gérard Vidal – Everything okay.
    – Joanne Lewin-Jacus – All good.
    – Angel Sanay – He’s back at work. Everything is good. Said hello to everyone.
    – Bernard Malet-Dupont – He wishes everyone well and Happy Thanksgiving.

The next Officers’ Zoom Meeting will be held on

Thursday, December 3rd at 3:00pm.