Meeting Minutes

Société Culinaire meeting minutes



In-Office Attendees:

Jean F. Claude, Dominique Payraudeau, Yves Busnel, Gerard Vidal, Pascal Petiteau, Luc Holié, Pascal Guillotin, Henri Dubarry, Remi Lorgoulloux, Nduvoakim Abdus-Salaam

Zoom Attendees:

Jacques Coustar, Maurice Pailleret, Gerard Drouet, Louise Hoffman, André Moisan, Dominique Mitais, Guy-Rene Gerin, Susan Lifrieri-Lowry, Steven Vangelder, Steve Walljasper


Jean Le Rouzic, Kate Wayler, Claude Godard, Thomas Santamaria, André Soltner, Marc Sarrazin 

President Pascal Guillotin opened the meeting at 3:03 pm.

  • Pension: Nothing to report.
  • Death Benefits:  Nothing to report.
  • Sickness Benefits:  Nothing to report.
  • Culinarian Home Foundation: Jean LeRouzic was unable to report.
  • Dinner Dance:  Alain Quirin inquired with the Yale Club when they are able to reschedule the Dinner Dance in 2022.  He called the Yale Club with no response, Alain will call again.
    A survey will be emailed to members to explore who may be interested in attending. President Pascal said he spoke with the trustees about possibly holding a Dinner Dance that is a little less formal.  This will be included in the survey for members to vote on.
    President Pascal mentioned that we recently found out Chef Charles Kehrli is no longer at the Yale Club, we don’t know the new Chef.
  • Picnic:  Hoping the Picnic will be on schedule for September 11, 2022.  President Pascal said it’s up in the air.  Hopefully it will be back on track.  The picnic is  ten months away, but the Home is being treated as a nursing home.  We have to abide by NYS rules and regulations. It’s been two years without the picnic.  We don’t know if we can have 1,000 people or what the number allowed will be.
  • Newsletter: A pre-Thanksgiving newsletter will be printed and sent out.  Louise said the newsletter is almost complete, waiting for the last two articles.  Pascal said his articles are waiting for some more information, almost done.
  • Report of the Chapters:
    – Mid-Hudson Chapter: Nothing to report.
    – NJ Chapter:  Nothing to report.
    – LI Chapter:  An email was sent to James Mollitor regarding when he can schedule a chapter meeting.  A second email will be sent to James Mollitor inquiring of the status of a chapter meeting.
    – Florida Chapter:  A letter was sent to all Florida chapter members notifying them of the cancellation of the holiday dinner.  The next meeting will be held in April or May of 2022.
  • Report by the Committee of French Speaking Societies:  Henri Dubarry reported there was nothing to report.
  • Office:
    – Yearbooks have been received in the office for distribution to members.
    – All 2022 membership dues invoices are in the process of being emailed to members with some payment being received already.  Dues were increased to $200 and are payable by the end of December.
    – 2022 Membership cards are done.
    – Christmas cards are addressed and will be mailed the beginning of December.
  • Report by Archivist:  Jacques Coustar spoke about his call from Maurice Bonté who has books for the office.  Jacques said he will meet him downstairs and bring the books up to the office.  President Pascal told Jacques to get help and not do it alone.
  • Report of the Jules Weber Foundation:  Nothing to report.
  • Condominium:  Nothing to report.
  • Events:
    The Federation of French War Veterans Luncheon will be held on Sunday, November 7th at 12:30 pm at Jubílee.  Tickets cost $115.00 per person. Five tickets were purchased.
    The Food and Beverage Association Annual Golf Outing at the Crestmont Country Club was held on Monday, October 25th.  Maurice Pailleret attended and represented the Société.  Maurice Pailleret said he had a great time, there were 105 golfers who attended, it was a great course to play.  They enjoyed a beautiful buffet afterwards.  He met Jill Ostaszewski of the Food & Beverage Association, she was happy to meet him.  

President Pascal Guillotin asked if anyone had any comments.

The next Officers’ Meeting will be held December 2, 2021.

Meeting was adjourned at 3:28 pm