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Current Press Release: 2013

The World's Largest Freelance Culinary Arts Exhibit at the 98th International Hotel / Motel & Restaurant Show

The 145th Annual Salon of Culinary Art, organized by the Societe Culinaire Philanthropique, was held November 10-12, 2013 in conjunction with the 98th International Hotel/Motel & Restaurant Show at the Jacob Javits Convention Center, 11th Avenue and 34th Street, New York, N.Y.

The Salon of Culinary Art was the highlight of the show. Master Chefs, Pastry Chefs, Bakers, Butchers, Culinarians and Apprentices from around the world displayed their culinary and decorative skills. At the Salon you will also find the realization of a food expert's dream and observe the art and science of "Haute Cuisine". The exhibit included fancy buffet tables, decorated fish and poultry, pastry work, spun sugar, cocoa painting, wedding cakes, centerpieces and all types of foods artistically presented and live demonstrations from Master Chefs. For more details about the 2013 show, please see the list of Demonstration Speakers.

Each succeeding year, the SALON showcases new arrangements and ideas designed to promote the culinary arts. It is a friendly exhibition which showcases the knowledge and skilled workmanship that is an inspiration to the culinary, pastry and baking professions. Master Chefs Nick Malgieri, Ray Duey, Bob Johnson, Betty Van Nostrand and many more showcased their skills in cake making, designing, decorating and vegetable carving during live demonstrations.

The Grand Prize Winner of the Salon in Cooking or Pastry received the Medal of the French Government. The Grand Prize winner for Buffet Presentation received the Marc L. Sarrazin Trophy. The Prize of Honor winner received the Gold Medal of the Societe Culinaire Philanthropique.


  • $1,000 for the best cooking exhibit table and $1,000 For the best pastry exhibit table in the Grand Prize of the Salon Competition (Medal of the French Government category).
  • $500 for the best piece of the Show
  • $250 for the best centerpiece in culinary
  • $250 for the best centerpiece in pastry
  • $250 for the best meat presentation
  • $250 for the best fish presentation
  • $250 for the best wedding or special occasion cake
  • $250 for the best chocolate or sugar presenttaion
  • $250 for the best bakery display

In addition to presentation of certificates to exhibitors, valuable prizes, trophies and medals were awarded on the basis of merit.